Skywatch Page


During the warmer months members gather together for skywatching hangouts through the state.  These are not official or organized events; however, if you are in the area you are welcome to stop by and spend an evening looking at the stars, planets, and maybe some UFOS?

For information on our next sky watch please visit our website’s home page or our coming events page.

MUFON Connecticut MUFON Ariel Surveillance Team:  Click Here

Suggested Skywatching Go Kit: Click Here

Home Skywatching Equipment

Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording (MADAR)


UFO Detector (UFO ID)

Skywatching Tools For Home and Used At Our Hangouts:

Fightradar24 – Live Local Air Traffic

Plane – Live Local Air Traffic

FlightAware – Live Local Air Traffic

(We also run live radar from our computer using a radar program and SDR dongle.)

Live Air Traffic Control Monitoring

(We also run several scanners monitoring different frequencies.)

Aurora Conditions

Dark Site Finder

Live Background Radiation

Radio Band Conditions

Realtime view of geomagnetic activity

Space Weather

UFO Stalker

Download Current Sky Map For Skywatching

Live Cloud Cover Conditions (Check To See How Clear The Night Sky Will Be.)

Suggested iPhone Apps For Skywatching


SkyView® Free – Explore the Universe

The Weather Channel: Alerts, Forecast & Radar

GoISSWatch – International Space Station Tracking
(This app has an expansion pack with Satellite Tracking Information)