Connecticut UFO Spotter Network

Program Description:
The Connecticut UFO Spotter Network is based off the mission of the United States Ground Observer Corps (GOC), which was created to watch the sky for enemy aircraft flying over U.S. soil during the Cold War.  This program, The Connecticut UFO spotter Network, will watch the sky not for enemy aircraft; rather, our spotters will watch the sky for UFOs, unknown flying objects.

UFO Spotter Report Form

(One form per sighting – Do Not Report Identified Flying Objects)

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To Join The Live Chat:

  • Make Sure to join the public chat room: UFO2017
  • Create a username.
  • Click enter.

How to participate in this program as a Connecticut UFO Spotter:

  • Review the UFO Spotter Report Form above to become familiar with the required information to submit the report.
  • Read the Connecticut UFO Spotter Network user guide & manual.
  • Have a pen and paper with you to take notes on what you see.
  • Have a watch or stopwatch to time how long you see the object(s).
  • Have a compass to record the directions you first and last see the object(s)
  • Check the list of internet programs suggested in the Connecticut UFO Spotter Report Manual to make sure what you see is not an IFO.
  • Fill out the UFO Spotter Report Form for every UFO sighting you see.
  • Report what you see so other spotters can try and track it.

For additional tools to help you during your UFO spotting session please visit our Skywatch page

Types of Connecticut UFO Spotter Operations:

  1. Independent UFO Spotting– Anytime you conducting your own personal skywatch you are an activate UFO spotter.   Write down what you see and report it on the form provided above.   UFO spotting is encouraged during the day and at night.
  2. Official chapter sponsored spotting event– Between the months of November and March the chapter will run official chapter sponsored spotting events.  At these events spotters will work from their own location in coordination with other spotters though out the State of Connecticut to monitor the night or day sky.  Using social media and other means of communication spotters will report what they see.   Spotters should also fill out the UFO spotter report form (posted above) for each sighting they see.

Contact Us With Questions:

Have questions about this program?  Please join us at in-person at our monthly meetings or please click here to email us.