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UFO discussions often lead to asking  “Why hasn’t the government disclosed what they know about UFO’s if in fact they have information?”  

The answer is that it is so deep, so powerful, so layered, so life-altering, that they can’t.  The world population would be furious to learn all that has been going on for thousands, perhaps millions of years.  The incredible technology that has been withheld, the healing aspects that have been withheld, the entrapment of our very souls for selfish interests.  

But WE the people are working around their blockade.  YOU who read, research and learn with open minds ARE part of the disclosure.  The whistleblowers who risk their very lives sharing their info are part of the disclosure.  The people who publish, create movies, videos, podcasts, etc. are part of the disclosure. 

Together we are moving knowledge forward towards realization.  

What do we need to know to be effective?   Attached is a list of some of the aspects that need to be understood, investigated, shared and determined.   We have to go back to the beginning of earth to truly understand what is happening today – Who are all the players?  What are their agendas?  Who/what is in power?   Who are WE?     

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Mary Cunningham

Disclosure Group Meetup

Every 3rd Thursday of the month in Vernon.

If you are interested in attending this meetup contact us at contact@mufonct.com