Dr. Nirupama Nigam’s Biography

Dr. Nirupama Nigam is B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (1st Class) and Ph.D. from University of Bombay. As a front-rank Scientist, she has published many scientific research papers in which she was first author. She is teaching Chemistry at CT high School and Universities. She has passed examinations of United nations Organization and Civil Defense. She has interest in Social Work. For last 10 years, she is on the board of Directors of REaD Foundation, India, and USA (an NGO in Education).

Dr. Nirupama is certified Yoga teacher from a prestigious Indian Yoga Institute and learned Mindfulness Meditation with distinction from Leiden University, Netherlands. She has been personal Yoga Teacher for her family for long time. She is Healthy for Life Facilitator through Plant based Diets. There was frustrating stressful atmosphere due to Covid-19. Therefore, she founded her Social Enterprise, ‘Mindful Lifestyle Academy LLC’, through which she is giving information on Yoga, Mindfulness meditations, Mindful Yoga and Plant based Diets. Yoga is not a One Size Fit for All system. So, in future, she has many plans such as to start Evidence based Yoga and Mindfulness consultancy and Catering of Plant based Diets to NGOs as their Fund-Raisers. Dr. Nirupama has strong support of her husband Prof. Chaitanya Nigam and their three children.

Link to her Facebook Group: fb@mindfullifestyleacademyllc

Link to her Linked-In Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nirupama-nigam-2b7072102/

Dr. Nirupama Nigam is available for public speeches (both in-person and Virtual) on topics like Indian Mythology, Mindfulness, Plant based nutrition, and Yoga.