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To View Discussion Board:
How to Join
1.  Send an email to this email address:
*  No text is needed in the email body or subject line.2.  The system will send you an email to confirm you want to join the email list service for the discussion board.
*  Follow the directions in this email.

3. After you confirm you want to be part of the list service you will receive a welcome email.  THAT IS IT.   YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE DISCUSSION BOARD.

How to Post and Respond to Messages 

1.  To post a message (start a new topic) send an email to:
a.  The email’s subject line should say the topic of the post.
b.  The email’s body will be the content you want to post.
c.  You can upload or embed files such as JPEGS or PDFS in your emails.

2.  To reply/respond to a message sent by someone else.
*  Click reply and type out your comments in the body of your email.   Do not change the subject line when you reply to a post.