Full Spectrum / Infrared Cameras

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Bushnell 6X50 Equinox
Night vision comes in handy for many outdoor events and is very popular among ufologists.


Full Spectrum / Infrared Camera
We use this camera for Skywatching events with some custom modifications to the tripod to use a 22” monitor.  Easy to set up and view… more to follow.











Firefield Nightfall 2 5X50 Generation 1 Night Vision Monocular
This is a very good inexpensive handheld night vision monocular for scanning the night sky.


UFO Research Tool #1
Night Vision Scope Setup, to be used with the Bushnell 6X50 Equinoz  (not shown on this picture) Tripod, Custom Brackets, 20” Monitor, Bushnell NV Scope, Fat Max Battery approximate cost $590.00

               Normal Video                            Infrared                                  Full Spectrum

UFO Research Tool #2
Full Spectrum Camera Setup, Camera, Tripod, 22” Monitor, Custom Brackets and Fat Max Battery Pack, approximate cost $500.00