Ham Radio Resource Page

This page has been setup to provide some help information all ham radio operators can use to make their operating more productive.

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APRS Live Map

ARRL (American Radio Relay League)

PVRA Repeater Club (Pioneer Valley Radio Association)
We would like to thank this club for the use of their W1HDN repeater for our weekly UFO nets on Tuesdays.

NARL (Newington Amateur Radio League)
We would like to thank this club for the use of their W1AW repeater when we have Friday skywatches.

Propagation Conditions

Propagation Conditions

Ham Radio Maps

ITU Zones

CQ Zones

USA Call Sign Numbering

Scanning/Radio Frequency Monitoring 

Radio Reference

Ham Radio Weather Information

Skywarn (Ham Radio Weather Spotter)

National Weather Service – Boston/Taunton, MA

NOAA Weather Frequency and Coverage Map