UFO Websites

Here are some websites that have reliable information on the UFO phenomenon.  There are many more than listed here, and you can find several sites on the CUFOS website links page.


Find Contact Information For Government Offices In Your Area

Search Complete, Up-To-Date Public Records For Criminal And Court Systems In The U.S.

National UFO Center

Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)


National Investigations Committe on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)

Project 1947 (UFO history)

Best UFO Resources

UFO Evidence Website

Roswell proof

UFO Case book

Alien UFO Research Page


Northern Ontario UFO Research and Study

Pegasus Research Consortium

UFOs- Documenting The Evidence

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena -Scientific Research

Dr. David Clarke (Folklore and Journalism)

Website Listing All Known U.S. Military Bases