Connecticut MADAR III Network


The Connecticut MADAR III Network is part of the Worldwide MADAR III Data Probe Project (Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automated Recording) Our role is to provide Scientific data that can be use to detect and / or backup a sighting report with vital information. Expand the MADAR III System here in CT, as well as research, developement and testing of the Field Unit. Working with MUFON and the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) MADAR alerts are compared to the date and time of reports submitted to MUFON and NUFORC in order to corroborate legitimate UFO sightings.  For More information about the MADAR III Project can be found at: or to purchase a MADAR unit


Connecticut MADAR has been involved with the MADAR program since early 2017 when the third version of MADAR was released, MADAR III.   The first Connecticut unit (Node 106) was purchased by a MUFON Connecticut member.    Since the purchase of the first Connecticut unit, Connecticut MADAR has been involved in the testing, evaluation, and development of equipment upgrades for the MADAR III unit.


MUFON Connecticut and Connecticut MADAR III Network has been working together for the last several years to run monthly skywatches in the state.   With our combined efforts we have created a first rate skywatching program that combines the latest technology and UFO tracking techniques to observer our night sky for UFO craft.   For information on our skywatching activities please click the skywatching link in the menu bar at the top this website.

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Connecticut MADAR III Network Command Post Up and Running.

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Live Weather Data from Newington MADAR Location

Radiation Level Data from Newington MADAR Location (lick on Node 15 in Connecticut). 

Here are screen shots of the various MADAR screens