“Extraterrestrial Species with Terran Contact” By Kim MacDermotRoe.

Extraterrestrial Species with Terran Contact

Kim MacDermotRoe


In the following paper, I compare, contrast and analyze information about extraterrestrials some researchers say have had contact with Earth. In the conclusion, I offer suggestions as to how Terrans should respond to any challenges resulting from ET contacts.

The information about ETs is derived primarily from the following sources:

Elena Danaan, author of A Gift from the Stars. Danaan states that she received some of her ET information in an unstamped document left in her mailbox that purported to be a record of alien species prepared by the Russian secret service. She says she has no idea who left it. In addition, she says that much more information was provided to her by her Pleiadian contacts Thor Han Eredyon and a higher Pleiadian official, Coron.

Malgosia Duszak, known as Gosia, created Cosmic Agency which is affiliated with Pleiadian Knowledge. She says that she receives written communications through the internet from Taygetans of the Pleiades who are visiting our solar system. They include Swaruu of the planet Erra.

Alex Collier who says that he was contacted several times by Andromedans. In his interview on Galactic History he discusses information they gave him on ET colonization of Earth and other subjects. 

Debbie Solaris, who is based in Colorado, describes herself as a galactic historian, intuitive, mythologist, and Arcturian starseed. It appears that Solaris’ information about ET species is channeled.

Eva Marquez, author of A Starseed Guide Andromeda Pleiades Sirius. As with Solaris, it appears that her information is channeled.

The information that these sources provide cannot be independently verified. Further, the information often differs from one source to another. Nonetheless, the names of certain species occur over and over and many important facts appear in multiple sources.

Given that there are about 200 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, it would not be surprising if there are many advanced spacefaring species out there. And it would not be surprising if some of them have an interest in Earth particularly as Terrans enter the Space Age. Indeed, in a purported transcript of a March 6, 1981 CIA briefing, staff told President Ronald Reagan that six ET species had been identified and that one was hostile.

It is in the interest of Terrans to be as prepared for any eventuality that might arise should we encounter technologically advanced ETs. Thus, it is worthwhile to consider what various sources claim to know about ETs even if the information cannot be verified at this time.

Note re Galaxy vs. Constellation vs Nebula

All of the visible stars in the night sky are part of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and are relatively close to Earth. Ancients arbitrarily divided them into groups named after people and animals in order to organize the night sky. Although the stars of a constellation are in the same sector of the sky when seen from Earth, they may be at greatly different distances from Earth and from each other. Furthermore, constellations are not held together by gravity like a solar system or a galaxy.

In contrast to constellations, galaxies are coherent groups of hundreds of billions of stars held together by gravity. Galaxies which are often in the form of a spiral are so far away that you can’t see the individual stars from Earth. 

The name Andromeda is used for the galaxy closest to the Milky Way and has even more stars. The name Andromeda is, also, used for the much closer group of stars known as the Andromeda Constellation in the Milky Wary. They have the same name because the Andromeda Galaxy, only visible as a small blur in the night sky, is in the same direction as the Andromeda Constellation.

A nebula is composed of gas and many young stars in formation. It can easily be confused with a star or even a distant galaxy. For example, the Orion Nebulae in Orion’s belt looks very much like the other stars in the constellation. Interestingly, the Orion Nebula has been described as an interdimensional portal which may explain why the Draco are said to have expanded into the Orion region.

In the late 18th century French astronomer Charles Messier compiled a catalogue of fixed diffused objects in the night sky which was expanded over the years to 104 objects including star clusters, galaxies and nebulae.  It is still widely used to specify astronomical locations. So, for example the Pleiades, an open star cluster, is designated M45 in the Messier catalogue. 


Taygeta Star System, Pleiades Star Cluster, Constellation Taurus, Milky Way Galaxy

Origin: It is widely stated that the Taygetan system in the Pleiades was settled by Lyrans who fled the Man Star System of the Lyra Constellation as the result of the Ciakahrr Empire invasion. The brightest star in the Lyran Constellation, Vega, is easily visible from Earth. 

Swaruu names the Taygetans Man Star System homeworlds as Avalon and Lyra while Debbie Solaris names Avalon, but not Lyra. Danaan gives different names for the Man System planets. Among them are the planets Oman Khera and Maya, the homeworlds of the Taal and Ahel races, respectively.

Star System: Taygeta has 10 planets. Of particular interest are Temer and Erra. Temer is tropical while Erra is more temperate.

Population: Lyrans of the Taal ethnic branch settled on the planet Temer while those that settled on Erra were predominantly of the Lyran Ahel branch. According to Danaan, when colonizing it is common for Lyrans to cross breed with indigenous people. Solaris says that the Arcturians helped the Lyran refugees advance.

History: On November 2, 2020, Cosmic Agency published a detailed history of Taygeta which Gosia Duszak said she received in writing through the internet from Swaruu, a Taygetan from the planet Erra. This communication is one of many from Taygetans that Cosmic Agency has and Pleiadian Knowledge published over the last few years. 

According to Swaruu, the Taygetans are currently very involved with Terra. Although members of the Galactic Federation of Planets, she says that the Taygetans object to the Federation’s unwillingness to help the Terrans fight the corrupt cabal that rules Earth. Swaruu says that the nominal leaders of Earth maintain power through their alliance with the reptilian Orion Empire.

The Taygetans claim that until recently they maintained a significant fleet in close proximity to Earth. However, their presence was reduced by order of the Federation. A theme of Taygetan communications is that the Federation will not rescue Terrans from the cabal that controls Earth. Terrans must do that themselves. 

Since this history is from a Taygetan, it is not surprising that the story of ET contact with Earth focuses largely on Taygeta’s role. However, Swaruu, also, mentions some of the other ET species that were active on Earth in ancient times.

Swaruu says that the Taygetan ancestors originated on the planets Avalon and Lyra in the Vega area. Although she does not name the star system, it is possible that it was Mana named by Danaan as the Taygetan origin since Mana was said to be close to Vega. Both stars appear to be in what Terrans call the Lyran Constellation.

About one million Earth years Before Present, their Lyran ancestors, humanoids, fled their home worlds to escape a reptilian invasion. Breaking up into groups, they sought refuge in many different planets in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. Swaruu says that the Galactic Federation of Planets was formed by humanoids after the invasion as a means of defending against the reptilians.

In another interview, Swaruu says that the Lyran settlers in the Pleiades organized their new Pleiadian worlds into the Council of Alcyone. Alcyone, also known as Eta Tauri, is the brightest star in the Pleiades and is actually a triple star system. The Council of Alcyone seems to have been superseded in importance by the Federation,

According to Aneeka of Temer, another Taygetan source, this diaspora, known as the Great Expansion of Lyra, led to many new humanoid settlements at locations including Earth in our solar system and Temer and Erra in the Taygetan Star System in the Pleiades. Other Lyran diaspora descendants in the Pleiades include the Engans of the Star System Electra, the Solatians of the Pleione, the Elohi of Asterope, the Hyadeans of Merope, the Mullosc of Atlas and the Mayans of Maya. See, the communication of Aneeka of Temer, regarding Atlantis and Lemuria.

It appears that Swaruu is saying that a Lyran presence on Earth goes back perhaps one million years originally consisting of humanoid Lyrans that fled the Ciakahrr invasion. Yet, Swaruu later says in her interview that the first human Lyrans came to Earth 40,000 years ago with a second group, Taygetans, coming later. 

Swaruu describes the early Lyrans on Terra as having a holographic society. By holographic, she means that they communicated in part through mental telepathy.

The second group, the Taygetans established a colony on Oceania, later Lemuria, and maintained a good relation with the holographic Lyrans. Swaruu notes that Lemuria was very diverse with many different species.

In the Atlantis and Lemuria communication, Aneeka of Temer, does not date the arrival of the Lyrans on Earth. However, it appears to have been after the invasion of the Lyra home world by the Ciakahrr as she says the Lyrans arriving on Earth were pursued by reptilians. This would imply a date on the order of one million years ago.

Swaruu’s and Aneeka’s chronologies are confusing. Furthermore, it is possible that Swaruu may sometimes refer to Taygetans when she means Lyrans or vice versa since the two have the same origin. 

In contrast to Swaruu, Solaris is quite specific in her chronology for Lemuria and Atlantis. 

Solaris says that Lemuria was developed by Arcturians and Andromedans using other ET races including the Sirians, the Lyrans and the Pleiadians about 74,000 ago and that it was destroyed by Atlantis about 33,000 years ago. Atlantis was founded about 60,000 years ago by Pleiadians and other ET races settled there too. She says that Atlantis was destroyed in a civil war after it was infiltrated by members of the Orion Empire.

Other sources say that Atlantis was founded by reptilians and included other species. Swaruu, for example, said that Lyrans enslaved by reptilians when Atlantis’ defeated Lemuria were brought to Atlantis but later liberated.

Plato’s account of the destruction of Atlantis is that the it occurred about 11,500 Before Present.

One possible scenario is that about one million years ago Lyrans fleeing the reptilian invasion of their home world sought refuge on Earth. They were pursued there by reptilians, but nonetheless survived to establish a Terran society. Much latter a second group of Lyrans, the Taygetans, came to Earth, perhaps to help the earlier Lyran settlers who were under attack from a new wave of reptilians. 

Aneeka of Temer implies that the name of the planet Earth comes from Erra, of the Taygeta Star System.  She also says that the Navajo and Inuit languages are lineal descendants of Taygetan. Atlantis and Lemuria

With regard to possible ET-Terran linguistic connections, it is interesting to note that the Terran word for man can be traced to the ancient Sanskrit word “manu”. In Sanskrit, it means, not just a male person, but signifies much more broadly human, humankind and the progenitor of mankind. Could the origin of the word “manu” be a reference to the Man Star System of the Lyrans?

Swaruu says that Lemuria barely survived an initial attack by reptilians. Many Lyrans were taken prisoner, enslaved, indoctrinated and used to populate the reptilian’s new colony, Atlantis. According to Swaruu, the reptilians attempted to genetically modify the Lyran captives but failed due to Lyrans “strong connection to the Source”. She denies that Earth humans are the product of genetic manipulation as others claim. 

Swaruu says that having failed to genetically alter the Lyrans, the reptilians manipulated the DNA of an indigenous reptilian species to create a new reptilian slave race. She says that the Sumerian depictions of bearded men are, in fact, human like adaptations of reptiles.

Later on, Swaruu says that “Earth has been visited countless times by countless races” who have left their influence there. Among them were the Altanteans from the Celaeno Star System in the Pleiades and Andromedans. She says that the Andromedans had bases on the Indian subcontinent and that many ancient figures like Shiva were ETs.

The Taygetan colony in Lemuria determined to free the Lyrans captured and enslaved on Atlantis. They sent Taygetan women, represented by the Snake in the Bible, to infiltrate Atlantis and give knowledge to “Eve”, who represents the captive Lyran women. As the Taygetan women planned, Eve gave the knowledge to Adam, i.e., the Lyran men, that led to the Adamic race freeing itself by leaving the Atlantean stronghold, the Biblical Garden of Eden.

It appears that the reptilian conquest of much of Earth provoked the Federation to send a force to our solar system to oppose the reptilians. It was in the course of this conflict that Mars atmosphere was devastated and that the planet Tiamat, now the asteroid belt, was destroyed.

After the war, little was left of the reptilian culture on Earth. According to Swaruu, modern humans are descendants of the Lyran and Taygetan survivors of the war. Their numbers had been reduced by an Earth cataclysm, perhaps both a pole shift and flood, that caused massive devastation and displacement of people. Perhaps Swaruu is referring to the sudden climate change and great flood that occurred about 11,500 years ago.

Having sustained heavy losses in its war with the reptilians, Swaruu says the Federation departed the solar system, leaving an electromagnetic barrier around Earth to protect it from outsiders. She explains that this barrier is the origin of the 3rd Density matrix in which Terrans now exist. Note that “Density” has used here connotes a level of consciousness while “Dimension” refers to another plane of reality.

Swaruu claims that the Lyran population at some point was reduced to include only eight women. She says that these few Lyran women are the ancestors of modern humans. This is consistent with the 1987 discovery through mitochondrial DNA research that people around the world of all races had a common female ancestor about 200,000 years ago.

Thus, according to Swaruu modern humans are Lyran descendants (presumably including Taygetans) with a complete Lyran DNA. We do not use all of our DNA because our consciousness is deactivated through self-limitation and mind control. She says that once we activate our consciousness through spiritual awakening, we will have access to full DNA potential inherited from the Lyrans.

Swaruu’s belief that humans are Lyran descendants is consistent with Elena Danaan’s assertion in A Gift from the Stars that it is common for Lyrans colonists to adapt to the local environment by cross breeding with natives. Since it is said that the souls of various ET races including Andromedans and Sirians incarnate on Earth as new souls, viz. souls with non-Terran prior incarnations, these souls may be incarnating in the bodies of Earth people with Lyran ancestry. 

It should be noted that in another communication with Pleiadian Knowledge, Swaruu clarified that while all Terran homo sapiens descend from Lyrans, as do those mentioned above, not all humanoids in the galaxy are of Lyran descent. There are other very similar looking humanoid races and still others with varying degrees of human like appearance. Swaruu, also, stated that other Terran hominids, such as Neanderthals, are not of Lyran origin.

The belief that Lyrans are the ancestors of humans is consistent with Alex Collier’s interview on galactic history. Collier states that as Lyran settlers spread they “grew into” the humanoids of these populations: Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Cignus Alphan, Alpha Centauri, Sagittarius A & B, Cassiopeian.

Collier states that Lyrans are constantly exploring other worlds looking to set up colonies. He specifically refers to their settlement of Taygeta and Alcoyne star systems in the Pleiades. He says that for, at least, 79,743 years, Pleiadians have established many large settlements on Earth. He says they seem to frequently come and go.  

As with many other sources, Collier sometimes conflates Lyrans and Pleiadians. From the context, it appears that he may be saying the Lyrans came to Earth to settle in the aftermath of the reptilian invasion of the Man Star System. This would have been long before the Pleiadian settlements he refers to. 

Collier states that the human race on Earth was created by the Paa Tal, an advanced race that came from another realm. Other sources describe them as 6th Density light beings from another, older universe. When our universe was brought into manifestation by an expansion of Mother/Father Consciousness, the Paa Tal were sent here as shepherds of new life.

According to Collier, the Paa Tal ancestry is spiritual. He says that our human genetic ancestry is derived from 17 human ET races. These ETs were the basis for the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Collier says that Earth’s Aryan race descends from the Pleiadians and Andromedans. He, also, says that ancient Lyrans were the Titans, the ancestors of the Greek gods.

Danaan believes that she is an Earth ET hybrid. She believes that she is related by blood to Annax of the Egaroths, an elder race belonging to the Council of Five, who has visited her. Danaan implies that she will return to her original body on Egaroth when she ends her incarnation on Earth.

Danaan says that the Egaroths come from Meissa. Meissa is a multiple star system located in the position of the imagined head in the Orion Constellation. She says that the Council of Five, which originally had nine members, was formed by the ancient races prior to the Federation to protect planets from reptilian aggression. This Council still seems to be active although the Federation appears to have the most contact with Earth.

Regarding ET incarnations on Earth, Swaruu describes them as “envoys” though Terrans often refer to them as starseeds, Swaruu says that ET races incarnating on Earth do not restrict themselves to one ethnicity as some suggest. According to her, they spread their envoys around the planet. Humans Created by Extraterrestrials? Interview transcript published by Gosia, Cosmic Agency, November 18, 2020. If this correct, then one cannot identify an ET envoy from physical or ethnic appearance.

Swaruu, also, clarifies that the ET incarnation process has an effect on the mentality of the Terran in whom the ET soul incarnates but not necessarily on the person’s physical structure. The human DNA is unchanged and the physical appearance changes, if any, would not be dramatic. The mental change may be evidenced by the fact that many suspected starseeds say that the feel they don’t belong here and often suffer from depression.

So, the bottom line, according to Swaruu is that human ETs incarnate on Earth are the same genetically as Terrans. The difference is that the ETs possess a higher level of consciousness which enables them to utilize more of the available human DNA. 


Sirius Star System, Cana Major Constellation, Milky Way Galaxy

Origin: Vega star system, Constellation Lyra. It is possible that the Sirians descend from Lyrans that went to Vega as part of the diaspora of humans from the Man Star System in the Lyra Constellation group after its invasion by the reptilians. 

As discussed earlier, the Man Star System is considered the original home of many humanoid races in this sector of the Milky Way. The dispersed human races of the Man System, though of Lyran origin, are known by many different names as they settled and adapted to other areas of the galaxy.

Star System: Sirius, a binary star system, is only 8.6 light years from Earth. Danaan says that the stars are Sirius A/Ashera which is bright blue and Sirius B/Thula, a white dwarf, and that they are inhabited by the Katayy and Asheru-Taal, respectively. Sirius is the brightest star in the Terran night sky.

Some believe that there is a third star, Sirius C, a red dwarf. However, astronomers are unable to detect it. 

Population: Danaan says that the Katayy are a Taal-Lyran colony from Vega established on Kashta, a planet of Sirius A/Ashkera. They are members of the Federation.

Danaan also states that the Ashkeru-Taal are among the many races on the four planets around Sirius B/Thula. They look somewhat different from the Katayy as they cross bred with local greys to help adapt to the environment. 

In her interview on the Sirians, Swaruu, also, states that Sirians embrace many different species including humanoids and positive Reptilians, as well as, aquatic beings. Aquatics are prominent on Sirius B/Thula, a planet with much water.

History: According to Danaan’s source, the Sirian Ashkeru humanoids have been in conflict with the Ciakahrr ever since the latter invaded nearby Orion systems and established the Ciakahrr Orion Empire. Since their principal organization, the Ashtar Collective, was infiltrated by reptilians, the humanoid Sirians created a new organization, the Ashtar Galactic Command. 

Danaan says that the Ashtar Galactic Command works in cooperation with the Galactic Federation and has a base on Jupiter. The reptilian Ashtar Collective works on behalf of the Orion Empire in Terran relations and has agreements with some Terran governments regarding technology.

According to Debbie Solaris, the Sirians established the first ET permanent settlement on Earth approximately one million years ago in Latin America. It was followed much later by waves of colonization, not only from Sirius, but also, from Lyra and later on from Orion and the Pleiades.

Solaris says that the Sirians, together with Lyrans and Pleiadians, created two successive versions of mankind by blending some of their DNA with that of the less advanced humanoid species that existed at the time on Earth. She states that infighting occurred between the Sirians and Lyrans/Pleiadians on Terra in which the Sirians are represented mythologically as the snake and the Lyrans and Pleiadians as the bird or eagle.

Solaris, also, says that many Sirians had numerous lifetimes both on Earth and on Sirius, often during Lemurian and Atlantean times, when alien civilizations openly interacted with our ancestors. Much of the Atlantean Knowledge with regard to auras, subtle bodies, or crystal healing, can be traced back to Sirius.

According to Solaris, the Sirians gave the Egyptians much advanced astronomical and medical information and, also, gave the Mayan race advanced knowledge. They helped the Earth during the time of the cataclysmic period in Atlantis and helped to build the pyramids and temples of Egypt. She believes that they are involved with helping Earth into a new Golden Age.

Swaruu stresses that the Sirians, like the Pleiadians include a multitude of races. You can’t refer to either as if they were just one species. According to Swaruu, many different species of Sirians and Pleiadians have seeded other planets including Earth, Temer and Erra. 

Swaruu implies that in ancient times, Earth and probably the now destroyed planet Tiamat, were seeded by aquatic species like whales and dolphins. She states that these species are more spiritually advanced than humans. It is not clear if she is referring to Terrans or Sirian humans.

Swaruu says that the Sirian human presence on Earth is relatively recent, post-Diluvian Egypt, and that these humans came from Sirius A. According to Swaruu, Sirians worked closely with Mayans and Egyptians. Although Isis had a close relation to the Sirians, she says that Isis was not Sirian herself. Swaruu states that there are many Sirian starseeds on Earth today.

Swaruu confirms that the Sirians relate to the myths of the Dogons of Mali. The Dogons say that they were visited by the Nommo from a planet in the Sirian star system. These visitors gave the Dogons accurate scientific information that was only recently learned by modern astronomers. 

Interestingly, Swaruu states that at the higher levels, consciousness is non-local. In scientist Rupert Sheldrake’s terms, you might say that above a certain density consciousness can move freely in the morphic resonance field. In such a state, species becomes of less significance. It is about a soul experience.

A soul, Swaruu says, does not belong to a particular species or planet. However, it will choose to incarnate at a place and in a species to which its frequency corresponds. It would appear that this choice will, also, correspond with the soul’s evolutionary aims.


Zenatean Star System, Andromedan Constellation, Milky Way Galaxy

Origins: According to Danaan, the Zenae are descendants of Taal Lyrans and like the Taygetans originated in the Man Star System of the Lyran Constellation and fled to Adara, a planet of the Vega Star System to escape the reptilian invasion. They subsequently migrated to the Zenatean binary star system of the Andromeda Constellation. This is in accord with Debbie Solaris. However, Swaruu says that Andromedans are not of Lyran origin. 

Danaan specifically names the Zenatean star system of Andromeda. She says that it is, also, referred to as Titawin. 

Star System: While the name Zenae is not assigned by Earth astronomers to any of the stars of the Andromeda Constellation, the brightest star in the constellation Sirrah (or Alpheratz)happens to be a binary star. It represents Andromeda’s head and is located 97 light years from Earth. By comparison, Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is 8.6 light years from Earth and Taygeta is 440 light years from Earth.

History: Per Danaan, the reason that the Taal Lyrans left Adara for the Zenatean star system was overpopulation. Since Danaan describes the Zenae as a new colony, it would appear that some of their kin people remained on Adara. 

The Zenatean star system has four planets and three planetoids, but Danaan does not name the Zenae’s planet. Danaan says that their Taal Lyrans’ bodies changed somewhat including the bluing of their skin as they adapted to their new environment. According to Danaan, the Zenae are deeply spiritual and devoted to learning. She says that their higher casts of sages can reach up to the 12th Density.

It is widely agreed among the various sources that the Zenae are not warlike and seek to advance peace and justice through non-violence. They created the Andromedan Council, also known as the Zenatean Alliance, which Danaan says includes 140 different species. 

In a communication to Gosia, Swaruu, the Taygetan, gives a much different description of the Andromedans

Swaruu states that the Andromedans are not of Lyran origin. She says that they have more in common with the Arcturian – Dieslientiplex, Devonian and Korendian races and that they are related to the Blue Pleiadian race, Blue Pleiadian or Celestes.

According to Swaruu, millions of years ago the Andromedans destroyed their own planet, which she does not name, in fighting among themselves. Since then, the Andromedans have been nomads, living and dying through successive incarnations on their space vessels. The vessels range in size from moon size biospheres with millions of inhabitants to small agile vessels.

Their political structure, “The Andromedan Holographic Political System”, is composed of many levels of councils. According to Swaruu this political system is often used by progressive, advanced races, including Taygeta. I note that this system bears resemblance to Thomas Jefferson’s proposed Ward Democracy in which government consists of successive democratic assemblies from neighborhood to the national level.

Swaruu says the Earth belief systems, based on the concept of karma, (i.e., the Vedic religion of India) comes from the Andromedans and that Sanskrit is a form of Andromedan. She says this is reflected in the Indian legend that Sanskrit comes from the stars. Swaruu, also, states that the Hindu god Shiva was an Andromedan.

She says the Andromedans can live 4,500 years and die, not from illness, but by their own decision. While other ET researchers claim that some Andromedans are androgynous, Swaruu claims that they only have male and female. I tend to question her reliability on that as she reacted in a dogmatic manner when gender or sexual orientation was raised in a previous interview.

Swaruu describes the Andromedans as non-emotional and that they have great curiosity about the emotional races. She characterizes the Taygetans as an emotional race. Presumably, she believes the Terrans are, as well.

She, also, says that the Andromedans are great space ship constructors. The Andromedan ships are constructed on or near the planet “Pitoya” in the Bootes Constellation region. It is under the control of the Dieslientiplex branch of the Arcturians. This would suggest a close connection with the Arcturians. Swaruu states that Andromedan space technology is on par with the Taygetans.

According to Swaruu, the Andromedans have been roaming “this area” for 12,500 years. Presumably she means in or near our Solar system. This date is significant as close to the time of the Great Flood that obliterated Terran civilizations. New civilizations, like Egypt, that emerged from the devastation have traditions that point to ET assistance. 

The Zenae oppose the move to control Earth by the Ciakahrr reptilians, Orion greys, certain Altairans and their Terran allies. The Zenae believe that Earth is at a tipping point after 5700 years of reptilian occupation. They, also, see the conflict over Earth as part of a larger struggle by the reptilians to impose tyranny throughout the galaxy. 

Swaruu says that in 1952, a large Zenae/Andromedan biosphere arrived in Earth orbit to support the Federation’s efforts against the reptilians. In addition to providing logistical support to the Federation, the Zenae are among those races with the most starseeds on Earth today. She says that their “envoys” (starseeds) are on Earth to help at “this switching point in the evolution of the Terran species.”

In an interview by Danaan, Alex Collier stated that Andromedan starseeds told him that they studied Earth history before incarnation on Earth. Collier interview with Danaan at 1:18:10 If starseeds are a real phenomenon, it would seem logical for their originating people to prepare them. On the other hand, it has been said that most starseeds like other people have a veil of forgetfulness with respect to their previous life.

In her book, A StarSeed Guide: Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius, Eva Marquez. says that Andromedans have been incarnating on Earth since Atlantis. Marquez’s source is not clear but it appears that her information like Solaris’ is channeled.

According to Marquez, some of the newcomers to Earth are “new souls” which Marquez calls Atlantean Earth Seeds. Although their DNA may be Andromedan alone, or Andromedan combined with Pleiadian, Sirian or Lyran, they have no experience or memory of these worlds. As souls first born on Earth, they have a stronger attachment to Earth than starseeds who have had many incarnations of their home world.

Marquez believes that the Andromedans in conjunction with other starseeds co-created new human life and repopulated Earth after the destruction of Atlantis. Marquez says the many Andromedan starseeds are drawn to Atlantean starseeds on an unconscious level. This connection helps the Atlantean starseeds awake to their memory, abilities and gives to them a sense of mission.

Like Danaan, Collier refers specifically to the Zenae of Andromeda. He says that their forebears lived for some time in ships and hollowed out asteroids after fleeing the reptilian invasion of the Man Star System. 

During this time, they were helped by beings from the Cassiopeian system. It appears that the Cassiopeian helped these wandering Lyrans to the Zenatean Star System and Tishtae Star System in the Andromeda Constellation where they terraformed and settled planets. Collier says the interaction with the Cassiopeian took place 2.5 million years ago, but other accounts of the reptilian invasion of the Lyran’s Man Star System suggest a more recent date.


Arcturus Star System, Bootes Constellation, Milky Way Galaxy

Origin:  Most sources agree that the Arcturians are not of Lyran origin. Solaris states that Arcturians represent an evolutionary line distinct from other races in the Milky Way. Edgar Cacey said that they were the most advanced civilization in the galaxy. 

Population: Both Danaan and Swaruu say that there are three Arcturian groups although they give the groups different names. According to Danaan, it is the Ohorans that that are involved with the Federation and Earth. It appears that this is the group Swaruu calls the Dieslientiplex.

History: All sources agree that the Arcturians are spiritually and technologically highly evolved. According to Swaruu they are ascended and choose to incarnate in 5D since they regard living in a physical body as complementary to ascension – part of the whole.

While there is agreement that the Arcturians are significant ETs with respect to Earth, sources differ as to their role. 

Danaan states that the Arcturians defend the Earth from reptilians and greys. Working with the Federation, they have bases on Earth inside mountains in every country, as well as, three bases on the Moon. 

Danaan says that Arcturian crafts shift magnetic points and grids on Earth to help elevate Earth to 5D consciousness. The Arcturians work to raise the consciousness of the multiverse in way consistent with free will. Utilizing an energetic process, she describes as “atuning”, Arcturians reach out to diverse levels of consciousness and stay attuned to Source.

Swaruu says that Arcturians have been active on Earth since 1947. She says that there are many Arcturian starseeds on Earth now and they include many New Age spiritual teachers. Solaris, also, states that Arcturians seed other planets – apparently to assist in their spiritual development.

It does not appear that gender is important or even exists for Arcturians as they reproduce asexually. Swaruu says that they clone themselves and that the newborn retains the memory of the parent. Solaris says they reproduce energetically in a process that balances male and female energy.

Swaruu says that Arcturians are members of the Federation and are co-founders of the Andromedan Council. This suggests a close link with the Andromedans.

According to Solaris, Arcturians work closely with Sirians and have established an “Arcturians/Sirian matrix”. Solaris says some sources claim that they may have bases on the Moon and/or Mars.

In her interview with Gosia, Swaruu confirms that the Arcturians incarnate in other races saying:

“They incarnate in other races, as is to be expected since everyone does so at one time or another.”

This is a highly significant statement as it would indicate that most souls have experienced incarnation in more than one race. Thus, any incarnate entity carries with her, perhaps on an unconscious level, the experience of life on other planets as a member of other races. 

Carrying this observation to the soul level, there may be no such thing as a pure Andromedan soul, a pure Terran soul, etc. The incarnations in different forms on different planets might all contribute to the evolution of the personal soul. It is very Arcturian to think of these diverse incarnations as a crucial part of the ascension of the soul toward Source.

The Ciakahrr Draco Orion Empire

Draco and Orion Constellations, Milky Way Galaxy

Origin: Sources generally say the that the reptilians of the Ciakahrr Orion Empire came from another universe or interdimensionally billions of years ago. The Empire was created when the Ciakahrr Empire expanded into the Orion Systems.

Star Systems: Danaan says that the headquarters of the Ciakahrr Empire is located in the binary star system Thuban (Alpha Draconis) in the Draco Constellation. According to Danaan, the Alpha Draconians and their allies have colonized over 500 planets and have a presence on thousands.

Population: As the Empire includes a multitude of star systems, there are a great number of reptilian races including the prominent warriors, the Ciakahrr and Nagai of Alpha Draconis. The Ciakahrr are considered the master reptilian race and are often referred to as the Dracos or Dracs.

History: According to many sources, the reptilians of the Empire, particularly the Alpha Draconians are extremely aggressive. Though highly advanced technologically, they reputedly engage in brutal tactics including enslaving and even eating humanoids and kidnapping human children to extract chemicals that enhance reptilian health.

Danaan says that the Empire’s reptilians have been visiting Earth for over one million years and have had a continuous presence on Earth for 15,000. She says that they have numerous underground bases on Earth which they operate in conjunction with the United States government under a 1954 agreement negotiated on their behalf by grey allies.

In addition to the Empire reptilians, Danaan says that there are Terra reptilians who came to Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. Apparently, a distinct race, they regard Earth as theirs by virtue of longevity.

In conquering planets, the Ciakahrr make extensive use of less developed allied races, enslaved races and biologically created drones. The Ciakahrr typical first move is to have a group, typically a species of greys, approach the leaders of a target planet to ask for help in saving their dying species. In the case of Earth, American leaders, it is said, fell for this in 1954 entering an agreement giving the reptilians and greys permission to kidnap humans for genetic study and to establish military bases on Earth in exchange for technological assistance that mostly did not materialize. 

According to Danaan, the Federation warned the Earth leaders not to sign the proposed agreement with the reptilians. However, the Federation was not willing to make a comparable offer to Earth of technology, particularly that which could be used for weapons. Once the U.S.- Reptilian/Grey agreement was signed, the Federation felt bound to recognize the reptilian interest on Earth.

Danaan describes the hierarchy of the invaders as follows. At the top are the reptilians the Ciakahrr and Nagai warriors who command the Earth based reptilians who in turn command the Tall Greys (Maytrei) and the Insectoids (Mantis) who command the less developed Do Hu from Zeta Reticuli. At the bottom are an enslaved faction of the Solipsi Rai and their cloned and biosynthetic technicians.

Danaan states that many powerful industrial and military elites of Earth have been effectively taken over by Ciakahrr souls to advance their drive for control. Other Earth leaders are duped into believing that the Ciakahrr intend to share real power with them. 

She claims that for decades the Ciakahrr agents have been committing many heinous crimes against the Terran population including abduction and torture. Danaan, also, says that the Ciakahrr, Tall Greys and their subordinates engage in human cloning, genetic experiments and mind control in a vast web of underground bases and cities linked by antigravity trains. Terran women, she says, have been used for genetic breeding while Terran men are sent as slaves to work on Ciakahrr mining colonies

Danaan, also, says the infamous “Men in Black” are cybernetic life forms controlled by the Ciakahrr. They work with the U.S. government to ensure that the Empire’s presence on Earth is kept secret.

According to Danaan, the Federation finally decided to intervene about 2010 and launched a large-scale program, “The Storm” to liberate Terrans. She claims that the Federation’s intervention motivated some leaders to change sides and oppose the Ciakahrr. Danaan says that Federation and allied Terrans recently defeated the Ciakahrr forces in a subterranean war and that the Federation has erected a force field around Earth to prevent further Ciakahrr incursions.

Solaris’ account of the early history of the Draco reptilians is consistent with Danaan’s. According to Solaris, they came from another universe having been expelled because of the massive destruction they caused there. The Ciakahrr, which she renders Ciakar, represent the original lineage of the now diverse Draco reptilians.

Solaris describes the Draco as both master warriors and geneticists. Rejecting non-interference, they conquer and dominate other species. Technologically advanced, the Dracos have had interstellar space travel capability for 4 billion years. She says they have a particular interest in controlling space/time portals. This is particularly interesting as other sources say that the Ciakahrr attacked the Lyran Man Star system because of its proximity to a portal.

Solaris says the Draco exist in the 4th Density/Astral Plane and are generally not visible to Terrans who exist in the 3rd Density. However, she claims to have seen them through activation of her Third Eye using etheric vision.

Like Danaan, Solaris states the genetic engineering is an important tool of Draco conquest. She says the lower echelon reptilians were the result of genetic experiments conducted by them and their allies on Earth, as well as, in Sirius and Orion. She says that Earth’s dragons were the product of a Draco experiment.

Solaris dates the Draco invasion of the Lyrans at 572 million years ago much earlier than other sources. Some suggest that the Dracos came to the Lyra region to control a space portal, others says that the Dracos were motivated by a desire for food. The Lyrans were very successful at agriculture while, according to Solaris, the Dracos’ planets are barren. 

In conquering the Lyrans who had no defense system, Solaris says that the Draco’s killed 50 million people and destroyed several planets including Avalon, Bila, Teka, Merck and Avyon. She says that this relatively easy conquest caused the Dracos to see humans as a source of food and slave labor. Enslaved Terrans are used as workers in Draco operations on the moons of Earth and Mars and for genetic and cloning experimentation.

The conquest of the Lyrans was later followed by the reptilian conquest of parts of the Constellation Orion which is now a Draco stronghold. Solaris says the Dracos arrived on Earth 300,000 years ago. 

The date of the reptilian arrival in Earth is, also, discussed in the Lyra/Pleiades section, infra, with reference to the communication of Aneeka of Temer  Atlantis and Lemuria. Based upon her information, I theorize that the first reptilians, the Useugal, came to Earth shortly after the diaspora of Lyrans, perhaps one million years ago. She indicates that much latter, only 20,000 years ago, a second wave of reptilians arrived including the Ciakahrr.

From what Aneeka says, it appears that the second reptilian wave to Earth was more aggressive than the first. The Ciakahrr quickly spread across Earth establishing cities, spaceport and mining operations and creating the civilization of Atlantis. The relatively recent establishment of a Taygetan colony on Earth in Lemuria may have been to assist their Terran Lyran cousins defend against the Ciakahrr.

According to Aneeka, the Ciakahrr enslaved Lyrans on Atlantis but they, also, allowed other species to establish colonies in the area they controlled. As a result, the Atlantean civilization emerged as a global presence. She says that the Ciakahrr, although formidable, did not rule the Atlantean civilization but preferred to operate independently of other reptilians.

Aneeka says that the Ciakahrr, also, established a presence on other planets in the solar system including Mars and Tiamat located in the present asteroid belt. Tiamat no longer exists as it is said to have been destroyed in a war between the Federation and the Reptilian Orion Empire. She notes that when the Ciakahrr arrived on Mars there were other ETs already established there.

Back on Earth, Aneeka says that some Lyran slaves escaped to Oceana. Soon thereafter, more Lyrans arrived on Earth to help them establish the Lemurian civilization with Mu its capital. She says that this civilization included Lyrans who were Atlantean separatists. The implication is that all the Lyrans that came to Lemuria were not escaped slaves. She, also, says the population of Lemuria included Taygetans and other Pleiadian races including the Solatians and Engans.

The Lemurian civilization developed rapidly technologically as a “matriarchal, holographic” society, a form common among Lyrans and other Pleiadians. Soon Lemuria became a rival to the reptilian ruled Atlantean civilization. 

As many other sources claim, the rivalry resulted in a war that destroyed Lemuria. Years later, it is said that the Atlantean civilization was destroyed in a natural catastrophe that it may have brought on or in a disastrous civil war.

Other Significant ETs

In this section, I focus on those races who like the reptilians of the Draco Ciakahrr Empire are said by the various sources to be hostile to Earth. These hostile ETs originate in many constellations other than Draco, including Orion, Aquila, Reticulum and Cygnus.

Different names are used to identify the organizations of the hostile ETs. These names such as, the Ciakahrr Orion Empire, the Orion Empire, the Nebu Orion Empire, the Alliance of Six are sometimes poorly defined and used inconsistently by writers. It is not clear if each is a distinct organization. 

In any event, their members overlap and they generally appear to cooperate. For example, Danaan says the Nebu Orion Empire a/k/a Council of Six is composed of six species calling themselves the Nebu meaning “Masters”: Maytra, Killy Tokurit, Eban, Grail, Ciakahrr and Indugutk. Additionally, the Nebu are said to use other species including the Do-Hu as servants. 

It must be stressed that hostile ETs cannot be solely identified by species. Some reptilians may be non-threatening with regard to Earth while some humans may assist hostile ETs.

Maytrei (Tall Greys)

According to Danaan, the Maytrei originate from two planets in the star system they call Megopei in the Andromedan Galaxy. They have been visiting Earth since before the last two glacial periods.

Their efforts to conquer Earth have been frustrated by the interference of the Ciakahrr, the Anunnaki and the Federation. Nonetheless, Danaan says that they openly abduct and enslave Terrans to work on mines on Earth’s moon and Mars. They, also, trade Terran slaves to the other species, primarily the reptilians.


The Eban are reptiloid greys from the planet Edemera, Carina star system, Carina Constellation. Danaan says that the Eban work on Earth alongside Terran forces that collaborate with the Draco and their agents. Their work includes hybridization of Terrans and ETs. I understand that the author William Cooper believes it was the Eban that negotiated the 1954 agreement with Eisenhower Administration officials permitting the ETs to experiment on humans and construct facilities on Earth.

Zeta Reticuli (Small Greys) 

Danaan says that the Zeta Reticuli originate on the twin planets Xrog in the Shamtbahala Star System. Genetically half insect, they mainly communicate telepathically accompanied by a crackling sound in the throat. They have a hive culture.

Allies, not slaves, of the Anunnaki, the Zeta Reticuli work with the U.S. military in underground Earth bases. Danaan says that the Anunnaki created a very human looking subspecies of the Zeta Reticuli that allowed them to be rulers of Egypt.


They originate in the binary star system Zeta Reticuli in the Constellation Reticuli. As their home world Elderan was dying, the Do-Hu left. However, they were later captured by the Orion Alliance and genetically altered for servitude. As they cannot reproduce, they are dependent on the Orion and Ciakahrr Empires for cloning to survive as a species. They have exceptional telepathic ability.

According to Danaan and others, the Do-Hu arrived on Earth as advance agents for the Ciakahrr and Orion Empires to induce the Eisenhower Administration to enter the Greada Treaty which permitted them to engage in genetic experiments with Terrans and build facilities on Earth. This oft used strategy is said to work around the Federation’s non-interference rule. Danaan claims that there are two thousand Do-Hu plus thousands of clones on Earth.

Solipsi Ra (Small Greys)

The Solipsi Ra originate in a star system which they name Aama in the Cygnus Constellation. A faction of the Solipsi Ra allied themselves with the Ciakahrr. According to Danaan, they work with the U.S. government in exchange for humans for experimentation. They are active in abductions.

Some of the Solipsi Ra are cloned to be slave workers. These slaves are essentially synthetic life forms. Danaan says that they are often mistaken for the Zeta Reticuli.


According to Danaan, the Kiily-Tokurit come from the planet Kiily in the Star System Suhail. They are not members of the Federation nor are they in alliances with any reptilians or greys. They tend to work solo although Danaan says that they sometimes employ the Solipsi Ra. Tall grey humanoids they have shape shifting ability. Their ships have cloaking ability and great fire power.

Their principal activity on Earth seems to be abduction.


The Grail are greys from Mintaka, one of the three stars on Orion’s belt. Danaan says that the Grail genetically engineered the captured Noor humanoids of Asba’a to become useful slaves through a slow hybridization program which combined Lyran humanoids and Zeta Reticuli greys. Danaan says that this was used as a template to develop human-grey hybridization programs.


According to Danaan, the Anunnaki’s home world is in a parallel dimension on planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki enter our dimension through a portal, possibly the Orion Nebula, in the Orion zone. Although human in appearance, they are genetically reptiloid. They manipulate the genetics of conquered worlds to create servile hybrids to assist them around the galaxy.

Although enemies of the Lyrans, they are not allies, but rather rivals of the Ciakahrr with whom they vie for control of Earth. Danaan says that when the Anunnaki came to Earth, they displaced the existing reptilian power. They went on to genetically engineer Terran humans to be slaves to mine gold and other resources for them. 

I note that Aneeka, the Taygetan source of Cosmic Agency and Pleiadian Knowledge disagrees with the view that Terrans were genetically manipulated by the Anunnaki. She states that the Lyrans successfully resisted these efforts.


The Mantis are insectoids who Danaan says originate in the Sombrero Galaxy, 28 million light years from Earth and call themselves the Akara. She says that they live in a hive society.

While some members of this group are said to assist the Federation, others, primarily Akari scientists, have been enslaved by the Orion Alliance to oversee procedures. Presumably, Danaan is referring to the genetic experiments of their grey masters on humans.


Danaan says that the Akhori originate on Vega in the Lyran Constellation and the planet Akharoia in the star system Altair in the Aquila Constellation. Humanoid, they are cousins of the Lyrans.

Although members of the Federation, they are wild cards. They are heavily involved in the abductions of Terrans by the reptilians’ grey agents, as well as, involved in interbreeding programs with Terrans.

Solar Planets – ET activities


Danaan says that Venus, which experiences the 4th density is a scientific outpost for the Federation where they conduct their work in biodomes and underground facilities. Venus is, also, a habitat of higher density beings such as the Arcturians (Ohorai).

Earth (Antarctica)

In addition to the facilities of the Do-Hu/Ciakahrr and Anunnaki mentioned above, Danaan claims that the Ciakahrr and their Altair allies established extended underground military operations in Antarctica in cooperation with the German Nazi government. Although the Germans were defeated in World War II, the reptilians continued to control the Antarctic bases until, she says, they were recently ejected by the Federation in cooperation with Earth forces.

Additionally, Danaan says that over a long period, a variety of ET species migrated underground to inhabit what is called the Agarthan network. Some, like the Telosii, created a vast web of ancient underground tunnels and interbred with Terrans. Danaan says the Ciakahrr and their allies have taken over most of this underground network and use the tunnels to connect with bases of their Terran allies. 

The Ciakahrr and their allies including the Eban, Do-Hu and Zeta Reticuli, also, maintain large, multilevel underground facilities where Danaan claims they conduct experiments on abducted Terrans including cloning, genetic manipulation and mind control. She says that these facilities are operated with the cooperation of Terran government allies and that the largest such facility is near Taos, New Mexico.


First populated by a humanoid race, the Noor of Man, Mars’ environment was destroyed as collateral damage in a war between the reptilians and the Federation. According to Danaan, the reptilians conduct mining operations on Mars worked by slaves. The Do Hu have an outpost on Mars and there is a small Terran outpost there as well. She says that benevolent higher dimension beings have teaching facilities on Mars for ET envoys/starseeds to be incarnated on Earth.


Danaan says the Ashtar from Sirius B, allies of the Federation, maintain a headquarters and substantial military presence on Jupiter. The Ashtar personnel include many different races.


Although the accounts of the various sources differ in many details, they generally break down ETs into two groups – the benign and the hostile. The Taygetans/Lyran, Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians are the conspicuous “good guys” while the Dracos and their allies are the “bad” guys.

If one sees these accounts of ETs solely as myths, they fit very well into the ancient human view of the universe as divided between opposites, light and the dark, good and the evil. We see this dualistic cosmology, for example, in the ancient Persian religion Zoroastrianism in which Asha, the Creator’s force for truth, opposes Druj, falsehood.

But for a moment, let’s consider the possibility that the accounts have important elements of truth. That is to say that ETs have been visiting Earth for perhaps one million years, that some settled here and are among our ancestors, that they have affected our cultural development and that the Earth has been a stage for their rivalries.

What would this imply?

I think it suggests that we, Terrans, are relatively small fries in a galaxy of ETs who regard us in quite different ways. On one hand, there may be benevolent ones like the Taygetans who see us as underachieving cousins. On the other hand, there may be rapacious ones like the Dracos who would like to either genetically reengineer us to be slaves or have us for dinner.

While the choice of Earth’s allies might be quite obvious, we should bear in mind that even our friends have their own strategic interests. The top priority of the Federation may be to ensure that Earth does not fall under the control of its adversaries, such as the Dracos. Whether Terrans are subject to homegrown tyrants is probably not the Federation’s top priority. 

Furthermore, we must be careful not to become just a pawn in an ET power struggle. Terran policy should be to seek friendly, mutually beneficial relations with all – making strategic alliances only when necessary and not at the sacrifice of independence. 

Additionally, though ETs may be technologically more advanced than Terrans, they probably do not really understand us. For example, a homogenous ET society that functions on consensus may not appreciate the value we place on such things as personal freedom, the right to dissent and the need to limit government power.

In responding to the challenge presented by ETs, Terrans should focus on the following objectives:

1. Preservation of our planet’s autonomy and our personal freedom

2. Ending self-destructive internecine Terran wars, economic exploitation and environmental despoliation 

3. Ensuring that all decisions made effecting our galactic future are made transparently with the consent of the people

4. Ensuring that all new technology gained from space exploration and ET contact is made available to all people of Earth without profiteering.

Copyright 2021 Kim T. MacDermotRoe

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